How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund Back?


A common question heard at tax time is that how long does it take to get my refund back? Consumers, those who struggle in tough economic times, look forward to the financial increase that a tax refund provides. The good news is that the IRS ensures the necessary tools to find the status of a federal tax refund just one click away.

However, with state refund checks, it is a small trickier because you need to know which state agency controls the tax return process. We will guide you through the IRS’s guidelines for when how long the refund check would take, and review the appropriate channels for getting both state and federal tax fund questions answered.

Federal Tax Refunds

The way you pay your taxes, via either U.S. mail or electronic filing, commands how long it usually takes to receive a refund. The setting up of a return through the mail is, of course, the desire of both processes. For those who mail their federal return, the IRS will respond a tax refund in six weeks after they have been received the complete return. If you file by e-mail, you should receive your tax refund in three weeks.

How to Check on Your Federal Tax Refund

For anyone wanting to check the status of their tax refund, just go to the IRS’s where refund web page is where you will find an easy to use tool to request the information and necessary tools. If you would rather check the refund status by phone, you can call there. The IRS asks that you wait just three days after filing electronically, or three weeks after mailing a return before checking for a status update. For those who file an amended return, yet, the period to receive a refund check will take 8 to 12 weeks.

Tips on Ensuring a Quick Refund

By reducing errors, consumers can make sure that their refund is received in as timely a fashion as possible. The most common errors that can cause delays in receiving a refund are listed below:

1. Social security number incorrect or missing

2. Incorrect tax result, given reported filing status and income, was entered

3. Mathematical errors in figuring the taxable income, withholding, and estimated tax payments, earned income credit, standard deduction for age 65 or over or blind, the taxable amount of social security profits, and child and dependent care credit

4. Items entered on incorrect line, especially estimated tax and withholding

5. General mathematical error

State Tax Refund Process

If you can expect, each state has its own certain agencies and rules that govern taxation processes. Many states have a ministry of revenue which deals with tax filings and returns, for other states it can be the Department of Taxation, Tax Commission, or some similarly named department.

Check the status of a state tax refund; find the state taxation agency for your state and go their website. Most state agencies, such as the IRS, give tools or resources for consumers to check on tax refund status. For detail:

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