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Every salaried person including man and woman, professional, defense personnel, businessman and entrepreneur earn money against their activities and get reward in the form of income. The government of every state and country wants to know that how much the people are earning, during the year. All the profits and losses are included in their income. At the end of the financial year, people have to file their Tax Return. It is very important and urgent that the Tax Return has to be returned to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by April 30Deadline.


If you wish to file your Canada Tax Return to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before the deadline, you should know how to do it accurately. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) starts the process of the tax returns at the mid February. You need to start early so that you may not miss the tax filing deadline. However, you will not be able to get to know about the status of your Canada tax refund until the middle of March. Moreover, after filing your income tax return canada, at least four weeks you need to wait for checking on the status of your Canada tax refund.


Deadline for Filing Your Income Tax Return:

The deadline for filing your tax return is midnight April 30. Normally, Canadian Individual returns for any particular year must be filed by April 30 of the following year. There is no provost for generally covering this deadline, but there are a some exceptions. The Canada Revenue Agency will charge a penalty and interest on the unpaid amount if you file your Canada income tax return after the deadline.


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